At Vocation Boom, we understand that our work is first and foremost a spiritual exercise.

Will you commit today to praying for an increase in priestly vocations, and for the ongoing efforts of Vocation Boom to assist the Church in this important and urgent endeavor?

Please select an hour below and let the world know that you are with us in prayer. Simply make some sort of spiritual offering to God at some point during your chosen hour. That can be one Our Father, one Hail Mary, a full Rosary, an hour of Eucharistic Adoration, a Mass intention, or a short prayer in your own words.

We hope to cover all 168 hours in the week. And it will be great if each hour is covered by more than one person.

Thanks so much for becoming a prayer partner with Vocation Boom!


Suscríbele para orar por las vocaciones sacerdotales y por el trabajo de Vocation Boom.

En Vocation Boom, entendemos que nuestro trabajo es, ante todo, un ejercicio espiritual.

¿Se compromete Ud. hoy a la oración para el aumento de vocaciones sacerdotales, y para los esfuerzos de Vocation Boom para ayudar a la Iglesia en este importante y urgente trabajo?

Por favor seleccione una hora más adelante y deje que el mundo sepa que Ud. está unido con nosotros en la oración. Hágale una ofrenda espiritual a Dios en algún momento durante la hora elegida. Puede ser un Padre Nuestro, un Ave María, un Rosario completo, una hora de Adoración Eucarística, una misa de intención, o una breve oración en sus propias palabras.

Esperamos cubrir los 168 horas de cada semana. Y sería fantástico si cada hora estuviera cubierta por más de una persona.

¡Muchas gracias por ser un compañero de oración con Vocation Boom!

Fairbanks, Alaska

Amado, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Yuma, Arizona

Bakersfield, CA

Bonsall, California

Burbank, California

Cathedral City, California


Cayucos, California

Ceres, California

Fresno, California

Pioneer, California

San Carlos, California

San Deigo, California

Santee, California

Stockton, California

Berthoud, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Loveland, Colorado

Port Orange, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Cumming, Georgia

Dieterich, Illinois

Crown Point, Indiana

Decatur, Indiana

Terra Haute, Indiana

Leavenworth, Kansas

Bossier City, Louisiana

Shreveport, Louisiana


Worchester, Massachusetts

Bellaire, Michigan

South Lyon, Michigan

Kansas City, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri

Reno, Nevada

Manalapan Township, New Jersey

Farmington, New Mexico

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Bronx, New York

Rochester, New York

Akron, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Hillsboro, Oregon

Greensburgh, Pennsylvania

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Venetia, Pennsylvania

Dallas, Texas

Garland, Texas

Richardson, Texas

Castleton, Vermont

Floyd, Virginia

Lakewood, Washington

Charleston, West Virginia

Green Bay, Wisconsin




Krakow, Poland

Jaworzno, Poland


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Special Thanks to All Who’ve Signed Up to be Prayer Partners!

Jeannie from Loveland, CO

Michael in Terra Haute, IN

D’Alton in Ireland

Maria in Yuma, AZ

Susan in Amado, AZ

Raphael in Pittsburgh, PA

Theresa in PA

Frances in Charleston, WV

Valentin in Kansas City

Martha in Beaverton, OR

Maureen in South Lyon, MI

Liz in Venetia, PA

Everett in Farmington, NM

Juany in Garland, TX

Catherine in Cincinnati, OH

Bill in Bronx, NY

Joan in San Diego, CA

Stephanie in San Diego, CA

Kevin in Bronx, NY

Lisa in Pioneer, CA

Maria in San Diego, CA

Phyllis in Dieterich, IL

Dolores in Stockton, CA

Carla in Ceres, CA

Christy in Cumming, GA

Micah in Shreveport, LA

Agnes in Richardson, TX

Adrian in Jaworzno, Poland

Jessie in Bakersfield, CA

Dale in St. Louis, MO

Rhonda in Berthoud, CO

Maureen in San Carlos, CA

Al in Denver, CO

Elizabeth in Bossier City, LA

Joyce in Decatur, IN

Janice in Port Orange, FL

Phenyo in FL

Anita in Chandler

Karen in Jim Thorpe, PA

Sr. Marita in NE

Donna in Akron, OH

Dory in Reno, NV

Mary Ann in Rochester, NY

Georgia in Hillsboro, OR

Adriana in Phoenix, AZ

Jules in St. Louis, MO

Judy in NJ

Theresa in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Mary Kay in Bonsall, CA

Gilbert in Stockton, CA

Rosie in Cayucos, CA

Nic in Lakewood, WA

Jerry in Cathedral City, CA

Fr. Grzegorz in Krakow, Poland

Jose in Fresno, CA

Castilo in Rio Rancho, NM

Al in Canada

Laura in Crown Point, IN

Terry Ann in Trinidad

Lupe in Burbank, CA

Heidi in Fairbanks, AK

Luciana in MA

Riley in FL

Kathy in Worchester, MA

Robin in Leavenworth, KS

Monica in Columbus, OH

Wendy in Green Bay, WI

Barbara Jean in Manalapan, NJ

Alma Veronica in Dallas, TX

Peggy in Bellaire, MI

Robert in Columbus, OH

Maggie in San Diego, CA

PJ in Castleton, VT

Linda in Greensburg, PA

Joan in Floyd, VA

Vincent in CT

Teddy in Santee, CA

Debbie in AZ

Char in Tampa, FL

"When we walk without the cross, we are not disciples of the Lord." -Pope Francis