On this episode, Fr. David Cartwright, Vocation Director of the Archdiocese of Melbourne in Australia says his teachers in primary school suggested the priesthood to him. He says he worked and went to school for many years and knew that “something wasn’t right” and he then entered seminary. Fr. Nicholas Pearce, Assistant Vocation Director in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, says it was at World Youth Day that he encountered the Church in her beauty, history and teaching, and from that he came to a better appreciation of the Church and the Priesthood. He says it was through the examples of priests and lay people that led him to consider being a priest.

Both said that it was through prayer, before the Blessed Sacrament, that a vocation to the priesthood became more real. Fr. Nicholas says he often visits local high schools sharing the gospel message of Peter in the boat where Peter has the courage to walk on water and to follow the Lord (Mt. 14:22). He says with a focus on Christ, man can do something amazing. Fr. Nicholas asks discerners to challenge themselves, “to be called to greatness and to do something wonderful with your life.” He says every man if he loves God should be asking God if he is called to be a priest.

Fr. Cartwright says as a priest there is more work to do and more souls to save.

Fr. Stephen Langridge, Vocation Director for the Diocese of Southwark, UK, says once a man encounters Jesus he grows in discipleship, a field into which a seed of vocation is sewn and takes root. He says the growth in vocations is a bit behind that of the United States. He says he helps men discern and grow in that interior life, a life of virtue that they will need to be an effective priest. He says a man needs to find his vocation as a call from God to which he must commit his life.

"When we walk without the cross, we are not disciples of the Lord." -Pope Francis