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Fr. Steven Titus was ordained in 2008 and is presently serving as the vocation director for the Diocese of Cheyenne–which is all 97,000 square miles of Wyoming! After receiving a degree in Chemistry at Notre Dame he took a full-time position as a youth minister which led him to enter seminary two years later. He still enjoys a competitive game of ultimate frisbee and is always up for hacky sack. Fr. Titus received a licentiate from the Gregorian University in Rome and wrote on our unique participation in the sufferings of Christ.

Fr. Steven Titus
Vocation Director
Diocese of Cheyenne
2121 Capitol Avenue
Box 1468
Cheyenne, WY 82003-1468
307.638.1530 (ext.120)

"For me, it is a great joy to be together with priests." -Pope Benedict XVI