A resounding Vocation Boom is going on in the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan. On this broadcast of Vocation Boom! Radio, Director of Vocations and Seminarians, Fr. John Linden was our guest. Two parishes in the diocese, God-willing, will each ordain their 24th priests in the coming months and years.
Fr. Linden, a late vocation to the priesthood, said he was inspired to consider God’s call to the priesthood when he saw Pope St. John Paul II on EWTN. He recalled seeing “something that he was and I wasn’t.”  It was through prayer that Fr. John experienced what he said was the floodgates of God’s mercy and forgiveness.
On this episode, Fr. Linden talked about being led first to the Franciscans, where he spent five years as a brother, and eventually to the diocesan priesthood. He shared that if men are wondering if they are worthy of the priesthood, he says you can recognize your weaknesses and worthiness by God’s grace. He said that “in prayer, you learn how to hear…that God is speaking all the time.”
"You are priests, not social or political leaders." -St. John Paul II