Fr. Edward Looney is a priest of the Diocese of Green Bay. He was ordained on June 6, 2015. He shared on the program that there was never a time when he didn’t think about the priesthood. However, it came and went over the years, including one semester of seminary prior to leaving to pursue a degree in political science. Getting involved in the 2008 presidential campaign renewed his interest in doing God’s will, which led to him ultimately discerning a priestly vocation. One of his primary areas of interest is Mariology. He is the author of A Rosary Litany, which renews a pious custom recommended by saintly people: St. Louis de Montfort, Bl. Paul VI, and St. John Paul II.  The recommended custom allows one to keep the mystery being contemplated before their eyes.  In A Rosary Litany, Fr. Looney has crafted a litany-like succession of invocations to be used with each of the twenty rosary mysteries.

"For me, it is a great joy to be together with priests." -Pope Benedict XVI