“What are the signs someone is under demonic possession?” Asks a listener, Fr. Tom. Vocation Boom Radio host Jerry Ushers talks with guest Adam Blai, religious demonologist of the Diocese of Pittsburg and auxiliary member of the International Association of Exorcists in Rome. They look at Church teaching and how to discern if demonic problems and exorcism are real. Listener Lisa says she feels the evil presence and asks if she should believe that and how to respond. Caller James says he got demons while in prison and asks how he can get help, now. Listener Lawrence asks if yoga and going to fortune-tellers opens the door to demons. Have pen and paper ready to take note of all the powerful resources this show brings you, right here on EWTN Radio’s “Vocation Boom Radio.”

"For me, it is a great joy to be together with priests." -Pope Benedict XVI