Archbishop Jorge Carlos Patron-Wong, Secretary of Seminaries for the Congregation of the Clergy in Rome, says in this episode that prayer and service of the faithful has produced much good for the Church. He says he was blessed growing up in a faith-filled, Catholic family. An encouraging word from a priest led him to eventually enter the seminary. When Archbishop Patrón-Wong entered the seminary, he desired to learn what “God wanted me to be.”

Archbishop Patrón-Wong says his position is new to the Vatican, instituted by Pope Francis one year ago, with an emphasis that everyone be afforded the opportunity to find their vocation. He says when a person finds the spirit of God’s love “they start thinking about the possibility of really taking account of God’s call as a disciple of Jesus.”

Archbishop Christian Lépine, Montreal shared that through prayer that “it was a sure thing that I would be a follower of Christ.” He says his first battle is his faithfulness to a life of prayer.

"For me, it is a great joy to be together with priests." -Pope Benedict XVI